Take a moment to reflect on the circle of women around you and marvel on how blessed you are.  Now imagine an opportunity that will allow you celebrate them and thank them for being your friend, your Sister Friend. Please invite them to the Annual My Sister, My Friend Appreciation Brunch. Celebrate your friends and the bond built among you.

Dec 1 | 11AM – 4PM

Twelve Hotel Atlantic Station

361 17th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363

Admission – $65

Portion of Proceeds Benefits the Elaine Clark Center, who enables children and young adults of all abilities to become confident and contributing citizens of the community through an innovative model of education, therapeutic play, and experiential opportunities.















“Yashica Paris took the time to personally give a rose to every woman who attended her brunch. As she handed us the rose she spoke awesome words of inspiration and affirmations over us. God used you in a mighty way and I’m honored to be a recipient of one of those roses.”


“Yashica Paris, thank you for blessing us today. Your event was beautiful just like you! Thank you for reminding us that there is a story tied to every woman, and to be more loving, kind, and supportive. God is not done with you yet. I’m still so full of different emotions. Thank for including me. I was supposed to be there because I left changed and blessed by the beautiful women in that room. There was so much love and positivity! It convicted me to do better. Thank you again Yashica”



“The Sister Friend Brunch is an incredible time of sisterhood, unity, and fun.  It reflects the heart of the founder, Yashica Paris…love, loyalty and commitment to empowering women”



“I had the honor of attending the annual event. Not fully knowing what to expect, I can genuinely say it was inspirational!  The energy of the women was amazing and the setting afforded us all the opportunity to get to know and support each other sans of judgment.  Yashica has one of the biggest hearts ever and I’m blessed to know her.”


Sister Friend is an organization that was started when words fell short in showing appreciation to phenomenal women. It has grown into a network of beautiful women that blossomed into an organization designed to appreciate the bonds built among Women of various backgrounds, life experiences and the like. Celebrate Friendship, Embrace Sisterhood, Promote Unity, Empower Each Other, and Inspire Love among Women.

The My Sister, My Friend Appreciation Brunch is an opportunity to fellowship, embrace differences, build relationships, and empower each other to be stewardess of their thoughts and actions. There is power in your words and thoughts.  The smile that you give someone may be what SHE needs to get through the day.

After experiencing a brief hospitalization that changed my life, took a look at myself, my life and all of the people in it.   I looked at the circle of women that I surrounded myself with.  To me, each of them were phenomenal in their own right. They were beautiful, inside and out.  Whether it was a new friend or someone that I’ve known for years, I wanted to appreciate each of them.

Sometimes, friendship is not measured by the number of years that you have been friends, but simply by the beauty and genuineness of it all.  Many times, we wait until it’s too late to appreciate those we love. So instead of giving them their roses when they’re dead and gone….I want my friends to smell and bask in the essence and beauty of the roses now!

I wanted this group of dynamic women to be able to cultivate a spirit of love for ALL WOMEN.  I wanted to inspire them to spread love to other women, regardless of their nationality, spirituality, sexuality, or socioeconomic status.

As Women, we need to be conscious of our thoughts and projections.

Sometimes we meet people, and may form opinions of them before we’ve had an opportunity to really get to know them.  Some women’s reputation may precede them.  However, everyone has a story ~ “HERstory.” You never know what someone is experiencing or has been through in life.  Before we are quick to judge or condemn the next woman, stop and think.  The woman that someone may deem as unfavorable due to her sexual history may be that same woman whose father used to crawl into bed with her.  Therefore, she associates sex with love; or her own self-worth is so diminished that she only feels value by being promiscuous.

We have to be quick to love and slow to judge.  I believe that if all Women can unite and share love and respect for each other; this same love and respect could be passed on to our children.  Women are the Nurturers.

At last year’s brunch, there was so much love in the room, it was overwhelming!!!  Please join me to celebrate You, Your beauty, Your uniqueness, Your spirit and how it ALL connects you with other Women.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and open up your heart to spread love.

Your Sister, Your Friend,



Yashica R. Paris


Before leaving the Brunch, each Attendee was asked to write an encouraging word on the Sister Friend Note. They were challenged to pass it out to the first woman they saw. However, it could not be someone they knew. Here are a few of the results from the challenge.

“A few weeks ago a beautiful soul challenged me to share the love and encouragement she shared with us at My Sister, My Friend Brunch. We were to write a note of encouragement and give it to a woman we did not know. God laid many things on my heart recently regarding being thankful of how much peace and joy I have had this year in comparison to a very horrible 2013 that literally brought me to rock bottom. And in the midst of this a kindred soul commented on a post I wrote about a CHRISTmas angel blessing a family in need. We connected instantly and were inboxing again and again. Tonight with the inspiration from Yashica I was able to share that special card of encouragement with this lovely lady who has lived through similar situations as I have. With the help of a Christmas angel Sherisse Patterson and hubby we were able to contribute to a financial need. With the support of the lovely spirit Alize Richardson we listened to an awesome prayer call while she did my hair as a gift. Thank you for allowing me to encourage and support you and thank you for my lovely hairstyle.  Women Empower Each Other.  We are forever connected. You are My Sister Friend.” – Lyschel Hicks 12/8/14

“I spotted this lady across the room and somehow was drawn to her energy, The DJ gave her a Birthday shout out and I knew this was a perfect moment for me to tell her how unique, amazing and special, you’re my sister, my friend and I love you! She was very shocked, humbled and appreciative! I know this made her Birthday special! It felt great to see her smile!  Thanks Yashica Paris this was Beautiful!” ‪- Marcella Phillips

The Elaine Clark Center, is a nonprofit organization that  is committed to do right by the children we serve in the Metro Atlanta area. They offer services to help children reach their maximum potential and enable them to be as independent as possible.  It gives hope to their parents, and allows families to remain strong and stable. Elaine Clark Center programs are unique because they feature an inclusive environment where children with special needs learn and play alongside children who are typically developing!  They provide a continuum of care for children with special needs from 6 weeks to 22 years old! To learn more go to http://www.elaineclarkcenter.org.

Thank you for supporting Sister Friend, LLC.  Over the past four years, your contributions has helped us to donate to organizations that support survivors of sexual abuse, families of special needs children, women and children’s homeless shelters and give Christmas to young children that lost their mother too soon.  We would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sister Friend is because of you!  This year, your generosity makes a tremendous impact in the life of a child.  For every ticket purchased, $10 will go to support the Elaine Clark Center.

For more information about the Elaine Clark Center please visit http://www.elaineclarkcenter.org

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